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Welcome to Jacwil Online!

I am a one woman show and my mission is to create body care products that are free from harsh ingredients and are inclusive for everyone, no matter the age or gender. If you are looking for smooth, moisturized, good smelling, silky smooth skin, then this is the shop for you!


Because I have family members with sensitive skin and whole food allergies, I craft formulations using a combination of safe synthetic, minimally processed plant ingredients, and phthalate free fragrances to keep everyone’s skin happy.


Skin is our biggest organ and deserves the best care. With Jacwil, I want to give you that!

                         -Maria, Founder

About Me,

I have a husband that is insanely supportive of me, and 1 CEO-in-training teenage daughter. I am a US Army Veteran. I enjoy creating arts and crafts with my hands. I started learning how to formulate body care products in 2020 and Jacwil was formed in 2021.

Jacwil Pillars 

Thoroughly research all ingredients.

Use ingredients and quantities of ingredients safe for people + aquatic life.

Do not test on animals.

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